Health Is The Most Important Thing

Health is the most important thing – The 2020 challenge coming up.

Your health is important

Now I know this sounds overused and stale but in the last two weeks this statement finally made sense.  So let me begin by explaining how it all started.

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I had my second child exactly 10 years and two weeks apart.  With my second child, I was significantly older at 42 years of age. While carrying my 13 kg toddler up and down our three flights of stairs daily, I felt increased pain in my left elbow.  It got progressively worse to the point where I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee.

Enter tennis elbow.  Consequently I felt extremely frustrated as I couldn’t carry or change my toddler’s nappy without excruciating pain.  So to make things worse, I had to get a cortisone shot into the elbow.  Yikes!  Anyone else had one of those.  The injection self was a piece of cake compared to the reaction I had from the shot.  Three days of crying every time I had to move my arm.  Breastfeeding became almost impossible.  I haven’t experienced pain like that since giving natural birth.  The doctor couldn’t explain why I had such a severe reaction and as I was breastfeeding couldn’t take the painkillers he prescribed.  Once the bruising and swelling from the injection subsided, I was hit by the next illness.

Enter stomach bug.  Wow, so now both myself and my toddler were being sick through the night and day.  Cleaning up baby vomit off your bed  sheets at 3am, while feeling queasy yourself, isn’t for the faint hearted.

healthy food reduces inflammation hypnotherapy Cape Town Struck down with chills and fever and vomiting, I stayed in bed and darling hubby and my sister had to come over to baby sit.  Then the bug struck both my husband and eldest daughter.  I couldn’t even look after them with my wonky elbow and continuous nausea.  I was drained and exhausted and burnt out.

Enter the common cold.  Really?  Haven’t I had enough?  Granted, my elbow was finally healing and I could straighten my arm again, but with my body still weak from the stomach bug here I was blocked nose, sore throat with swollen glands on my only weekend away.  I am still ill today with a ray of light as I am beginning to feel more human again.

Being continuously ill for the past two weeks triggered something inside me.  Something important.  Something spiritual.  I am my health.  Without a healthy body and mind, I can not enjoy this experience.

Finally I realised what the age old statement really meant.  Without my health; my quality of life, I was miserable, useless and super unhappy.

As a result of this relentless suffering I discovered so many new things!  Meditation classes for children in Cape Town (I already meditate), Ayurveda, the eightfold path of Budhism, I started exercising again and really made effort in eating even healthier (Brussels sprouts, kale and broccoli for breakfast anyone?).

Hypnotherapy Cape Town Group-meditation-on-floor-Health, smealth.  We get bombarded with it everyday.  But listen.  Who are you without it?  How would you feel if you couldn’t get out of bed tomorrow or for the next few weeks or months?  How would this affect your work, your family, your life?

The time is now.  We all need to take better care of ourselves.  It is so easy to fall into pattern of eating junk food, exercising only when we walk from our front door to our lounge, and where meditation is some crazy buzzword like Yoga (which is super important by the way!).  If we all took health as our focus for just a month or two and ensure that it becomes a way of life, we will all be happier.  Can you imagine making health a priority for one year of your life? Only when you don’t have health you realise how vital it is.

Get ready for take-off!  The 2020 Challenge is almost here.

So, I invite you to The 2020 challenge.  Let’s make 2020 the year of health!  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul.  I am going to really focus on providing a strong focus and vision for this.  During 2020 I will run a monthly workshop focusing on all aspects of health for body, mind and soul.  See if you can commit one year of your life to getting the healthiest you have ever been!  You will learn all about what to eat, think and how to move.  There will be cleansing and grounding and healing and growing.  It is time to test yourself.  What would it take for you  to commit to this one year of your life?  Is your body and mind worth it?  Is your family worth it? Are you worth it?  100% yes!

Come join me and let’s change our body, mind and soul.  Focusing on a healthier, more beautiful and thriving experience together.

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