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About me

I am an expert in the field of relationships and childhood trauma.

Together we will transform any limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that sabotage your success whether that be in relationships, health or wealth.

Behind the scenes… Believe me, I have had my fair share of challenges and disappointments in life.  I am in the trenches just like my clients.  But if there is one thing I have learnt, it is this:  Never give up. So, get up, show up and keep moving forward.  

My life experience has taught me so much and every day I meet clients who need advice, support and guidance.    

Armoured in love and wisdom, we can conquer all.  Through self-discovery you may learn to fall in love with who you are so you can create your dream life, your own Empire of Love.

So who am I?  I am Nadya Brand, a mom to two gorgeous girls living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.   

After living and studying in the UK,  I returned to South Africa to open my hypnotherapy practice in Bloubergstrand, 2009.  I’ve practiced as a hypnotherapist for more than 12 years.

What really makes my soul smile is when I hear from clients on how our work together has impacted their lives in a powerful and positive way.    

In 2020 I stepped into expanding my work and became a life coach. Life Coaching provides powerful clarity, focus, planning and action.

I combine life coaching and hypnosis to create a powerful synergy that is highly effective in creating results. 

When I am not working I love spending time exploring nature with my girls, finding the best restaurants for gustatory delights and creating intentional pieces of art to bring love into your home.

My Gift   

When I was very young, I had a feeling that my life had significance. I felt I had an important mission here on earth. Very early on I discovered I had a special connection with God (Source/Love/Universe).  I could communicated, hear and feel God as a presence.  

During my teenage years I slowly moved away from dogmatic religion and instead began an inquiry into who I was and how I was connected to life in the “Big Picture”.  My connection to God/Love/Source became stronger and I was able to access important information about life and people, which I later called my Universal Library.  I feel having access to this unlimited source of wisdom, insights and information, is my gift. And I share this gift with my clients.

So, I am here to serve others in discovering themselves, alleviate suffering and align them to their highest purpose and truth.  Let’s build an Empire of Love together!