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What Is A Life Coach?

What is a life coach? Sometimes in life,  we lack focus, drive or feel disconnected from our goals. During these times we may need guidance and support the most. 

My goal is to help you achieve clarity in what you want and what actions to take to attain greater success, happiness and fulfilment.

Together we discover what you is holding you back and what are deeply passionate about. We devise a plan to take the necessary action to move forward. Having a life coach can dramatically improve your relationships, career, finances, health and life purpose. 

My gift as a life coach is to uncover and eliminate limiting beliefs that are holding you back from everything you truly want and desire. I use powerful techniques to heal past trauma to release powerful energy so you can take action.  

This deep, beautiful process reveals your unique skills and gifts that help you become a powerful creator of the life you want and love.

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About Nadya Brand

Busy building my Empire of Love…

When I was a young girl I believed I had an important mission. I felt that being here, at this moment in time, was somehow significant. My life purpose is to help others discover their highest purpose, release suffering and live life as their true self.

I designed this site to be a reflection of who I am, and more importantly, who I want to be.  I want to be The Empress, ruling her Empire of Love.  My clients are part of my clan, my people in life.  I want so share my experience and knowledge and help others become their greatest versions too.

What is my Empire of Love? It is my dream, my life, my creation.  A life filled with love, beauty, health, wealth, happiness, nature and spiritual awakening.  I believe we are here to thrive, not just survive and to enjoy life. 

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About Nadya Brand
What is hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

What is hypnotherapy? I often tell my clients hypnotherapy is like weeding a garden and I am like a gardener. Using deep breathing techniques we access the fertile soil of the unconscious mind where we get rid of the weeds that cause any blocks or suffering.  

We often have old beliefs/weeds that have taken over the beautiful garden of our mind. During this therapy you will release these beliefs and have opportunities to plant new seeds of the what you want in your life. The perfect tool for manifesting a life you love.

In essence Hypnotherapy is a powerful yet gentle therapy that uses relaxation techniques to access the  unconscious mind to release blocked experiences, trauma, beliefs or habitual patterns.  

When you are in a heightened state of focus and clarity, it is possible to see what unconscious patterns are holding you back.  By accessing these thoughts or trauma, you gain new insights and wisdom to help you move forward and heal.

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