I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth in my sessions with Nadya. Her attention to the not so obvious, how patiently she listens and engages lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. Above everything else, she is very friendly and really puts you at ease. Sitting in India and talking with her over zoom felt no different than a heart to heart in person chat. Highly recommend her to everyone!
Mr V C
Kolkata, India
Beneath all the stress and chaos, Nadya helped me rediscover myself. I wish I could see her everyday but am so thankful I can continue my journey with her abroad, through zoom calls or her awesome YouTube videos. A truly kind and wonderful woman. Thank you Nadya.
Miss A Sowade
Cape Town, World-wide traveller
Hey Nadya, thank you for all the help and putting me on this journey. I have grown personally in this last 2 months, which I would have never imagined. A year ago I wasn’t even taking people, that do yoga classes, serious. Today, I understand myself much better, connecting to others on a deeper and more meaningful way. As men we are often surprised by our emotional side, you helped me open up and be more vulnerable. I definenitely want to stay in touch and also do remote sessions when back in Germany. With you I wouldn’t be were I am today and I think this is just the beginning of my development.
Mr M L
Cape Town & Germany
When I first came to Nadya, I was put at ease with the caring nature and bubbly personality that Nadya portrayed! She put me at immediate ease and made me open up with confidence. I still use several of the technics we practiced during the great sessions we shared. Two of my favourite getting into my relaxed state by walking down the imaginary staircase and the other weeding my virtual garden slowly getting to the peace in my life that I was trying to achieve. I'm glad our paths crossed as I was on the wrong path, her guidance gave me a new and healthy direction to get back on my feet ready for anything!
Mr D Chatton
Professional caring lady, best therapist ever.
Mrs L Maree
Cape Town
What a rewarding, relaxing experience..professional treatment at it's best..you owe it to yourself..do NOT miss it..
Mr C Brand
Cape Town
I first met Nadya 10 years ago, have never forgotten how she helped me then. I have now connected with Nadya again and am ever so grateful for the difference she has made and is still making in my life. Nadya comes highly recommended. Thank you, Nadya.
Mrs V Swart
Cape Town
Nadya has forever changed my life, she was the perfect person, at the perfect time, and I cannot recommend Nadya enough! Please please please contact Nadya if you need to. This is a difficult time as is, and Nadya is offering online sessions via Zoom. Thank you for the remarkable sessions we had last year Nadya. I will be back for sure! xx
Ms C Treges
Cape Town
I really needed to find my purpose and direction in life. Once I had been for a session I could already feel and see the changes in my life. I started to feel more positive, inspired and like I had a focus again. Nadya's sessions are extremely powerful and life changing. I suddenly feel alive again. Thanks! I highly recommend Nadya Brand
Mr C Benkenstein
Cape Town
Nadya has a very powerful and natural way of connecting me with my life purpose, which helped me shift direction and take my power back over my life. She helped relight by spark, my fire - thanks so much. If you are serious about changing your life and want to learn how to become truly responsible, Nadya is a must!
Mrs N. Mason
Cape Town
Nadya is a wonderfully intuitive guide and every session with her brought me closer to my core.
Mrs M. Stander
Cape Town
Excellent service and very helpful sessions. Nadya is easy to open up to and has helped me develop the tools needed to get through my anxiety and phobia. She provides a safe and very calming space. Would highly recommend seeing her.
Cape Town
You're one in a million!
Mrs N. Abrahams
Cape Town
Nadya is a wonderfully intuitive guide and every session with her brought me closer to my core.
Ms M S
Cape Town
Would recommend. Honestly the best guided mediation that I've experienced in my 4 years of practicing meditation. She's a warm and kind hearted person who knows how to guide you on a beautiful mediation that is tailored to exactly what you need.
Mr N. Aucamp
Cape Town
I love working with Nadya. My coworker started sessions with her and I saw the change in his behavior towards his personal relationship, which is why I gave it a shot one year later. We’ve been having sessions for a little over a year now. It’s really helped me breakthrough some childhood trauma and becoming aware of my patterns. We’ve actively worked on these things through visualization, that help me with momentary feelings that might come up.
V Johnson
Germany & USA
Nadya Has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I have a zest for life again that I had lost and healed years of childhood trauma, Iam forever grateful to her. Her positive approach to life and situations helps you to find your innner happiness and peach which is priceless
J. Rimmer
Cape Town