Is hypnotherapy the therapy of the future?

The simple answer I believe is Yes! With so many therapies to choose from, why would you choose hypnotherapy?  That is a good question.  When I was first introduced to hypnotherapy, I was dubious.  Being a sceptic, I need proof or some kind of scientific evidence.  Boy, was I surprised to find both.  I lived in the UK for 11 years and it was there that I discovered hypnotherapy.  One evening I watched a documentary on patients that could not use anaesthetics.

During the programme the specialists looked at alternative ways of managing and relieving pain.  I was hooked.  Imagine having a dental implant without anaesthesia?  Well, this is exactly what happened.  A young woman had a dental implantation with only hypnosis for pain relief. As unbelievable as this may seem, it was completely true.  Click for more information on hypnosis and anaesthesia.

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As I watched the programme I was drawn in.  What was this therapy that could allow the mind to control the body?  I wanted to know more.  Further more, I wanted to see what science I could find to support this incredible new therapy.  And so I Googled and a whole world opened up to me.  Not only could hypnosis assist anaesthesia, it had many other benefits as well.  Children who had bone marrow aspirations for leukemia needed less pain medication and recovered faster than the study group that did not receive hypnosis – click here for study.  Wow, this was amazing.  Heart transplants, anxiety management, stress relief, depression, weight loss, the list went on…

Why did I not know about this wonderful therapy?  In addition to the fact that it is completely natural and only uses deep breathing, it was also completely side-effect free.  I believe this is the therapy of the future.  Who would not want to use something that helps with so many issues and has no down-time or side-effects?  In short, I qualified as a hypnotherapist and started my practise in South African in 2009.

It was then that I saw the therapy in practise.  Clients came with weight issues, insomnia, sexual abuse, anxiety, eating disorders and all of these issues were treated with hypnosis.  In short the sceptic turned believer.  I am totally in love with this therapy now.  Furthermore, I want to share it with the world.  I want everyone to see how beneficial it is.  Also, I want people to see there are different ways of getting the same result.  We don’t have to always take the drugs first.  We can find ways to empower our bodies to heal themselves.

Having said that.  I am not a trained doctor but a hypnotherapist.  So please know that I don’t take anything away from fantastic work the medical world is providing.  In brief, I am here to compliment and support.  If I can help you relieve your anxiety without the need for pills?  Would that appeal to you?  In essence it is up to the individual.  For many people this relatively “unknown” therapy may be to foreign.  But for others it is exactly what they want and need.

is hypnotherapy the therapy of the future hypnotherapy Cape TownHypnotherapy does not replace medical science but rather adds to it.  Like the sweet new baby sister of medicine.  Hypnosis may really help with the emotional experience of pain or preoperative stress.  Also, it does wonders for weight loss and phobias.

For the birth of my second child I used self-hypnosis to give me a drug free, low pain labour.  It worked!  Because I experience the effects of hypnosis for myself, I am a firm believer in it. Read more about my hypnobirthing here.

For years I had a phobia of needles.  It became so extreme that I was eventually tied to bed with straps as not to injure myself or the staff taking blood.  Even for this phobia hypnosis worked.

I encourage you to step into a new, modern and progressive world of therapy, hypnotherapy!  So why not try it out?  Get in touch today and find out more about this powerful and wonderful therapy.  Click here for contact details.

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