5 Surprising facts about Hypnotherapy

#1 – You go into a state of hypnosis at least twice a day – Example:  To arrive at a destination without the memory of driving there or zoning out while reading a book.

#2 – Hypnosis may be used as an analgesic – Studies found that hypnosis can be an effective tool in pain management. In fact, studies that used EEG show that hypnosis removes the emotional experience of pain, while the sensory sensations are still experienced. The touch can be felt, but the actual feeling of pain isn’t recognised by the brain.  See hypnobirthing

#3 – You are not asleep – In fact, you are hyperattentive.  Although the brain bypasses the critical conscious mind, it enters a state of hyperawareness.  This is hugely beneficial for sub/unconscious or repressed issues. Even though the person is deeply relaxed, they are fully aware of what they are doing.  Read more about brain wave states here.

#4 – Hypnosis may aid postoperative recovery and decrease pain – Clinical studies show that people who receive hypnosis preoperative need less pain relief.  More importantly they experience less pain, have less nausea from anaesthesia and recover faster than those who did not receive hypnosis. Click here for the study.

#5 – Hypnotherapy may relieve insomnia – Studies found that 58,2% of the subjects who received hypnosis for insomnia, felt the therapy was beneficial. Hypnotherapy works on two systems.  Firstly, the psychological system and unconscious mind. Secondly, on the physical body.  While it relaxes the mind by slowing brainwaves, it also relaxes the body and lowers cortisol with deep breathing.   Click here for the study


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