Our hypnotherapy package is a great start to help you achieve your desires. Unlock lasting change and find relief with the transformative benefits of hypnotherapy.



Embark on Your Transformation Journey with 90-Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions

Our hypnotherapy package is your gateway to achieving your deepest desires. Following an initial consultation, we’ll craft a tailored action plan to bring your desired results within reach.

Suggested sessions:

Session 1 – The Power of Desire:

“What do you want?” This pivotal question is the cornerstone of your journey. In this session, you’ll set clear intentions and goals, laying the foundation for crafting your life’s masterpiece. If uncertainty lingers, we’ll delve into your subconscious to unveil your true intentions.

Session 2 – Taking Decisive Action:

“What can I do?” We unleash a powerful plan to propel you towards your desired destination and illuminate the path to your goals. This is where you take tangible steps towards manifesting your desires, while we diligently work on dispelling unwanted beliefs.

Session 3 – Reprogramming for Success:

We’ll dive deep into your subconscious conditioning, beliefs, and patterns to ensure your vision, action plan, and future are perfectly aligned for success. This session is your key to long-lasting transformation.

Session 4 – Embrace Your Results:

In this concluding session, we’ll tie up loose ends and conduct a comprehensive Q&A. We’ll ensure you’re fully aligned with your desired outcomes, leaving you empowered to move forward with confidence.

Your journey towards achieving your dreams begins here.

2-4 sessions valid for 3 months

6-8 sessions valid for 6 months

Additional information

Session quantity

1 x Initial Consultation, 2 x hypnotherapy 90 min, 4 x hypnotherapy 90 min, 6 x hypnotherapy 90 min, 8 x hypnotherapy 90 min, 10 x hypnotherapy 90 min


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