Life Coaching Hypnosis Combo


Combination of 60 min life coaching sessions and 90 min hypnosis sessions.  This is a great start to get the results you want.


Life Coaching Hypnosis Combo

This treatment plan combines 60-minute life coaching sessions with 90-minute hypnotherapy sessions, offering an excellent starting point to achieve your desired results.

Following your initial consultation, we will collaboratively construct an action plan geared towards achieving your specific goals. By harmonising the practices of life coaching and hypnosis, we will unlock your full potential while dismantling any limiting beliefs.

Suggestions of how sessions could run:

Session 1 – Life Coaching:

What do you desire? This fundamental question holds great importance. It’s an opportunity to establish your intentions and set goals for crafting your life’s masterpiece.

Session 2 – Hypnotherapy:

Reprogramming for success: Here, we focus on aligning your vision, action plan, and future, working with your subconscious conditioning, beliefs, and patterns.

Session 3 – Life Coaching:

What steps can you take? We put into motion a powerful plan that will guide you towards your desired destination and provide a roadmap to achieving your goals. This is where proactive action begins.

Session 4 – Hypnotherapy:

Discover your most potent tool for manifesting your desires and creating the life you genuinely deserve.

2-4 sessions valid for 3 months

6-10 sessions valid for 6 months

Additional information

Session Quantity

2 sessions (1 x Life Coaching 1 x Hypno), 4 sessions (2 x Life Coaching 2 x Hypno), 6 sessions (3 x Life Coaching 3 x Hypno), 8 sessions (4 x Life Coaching 4 x Hypno), 10 sessions (5 x Life Coaching 5 x Hypno)


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