Initial Consultation


We meet up for a consultation to discuss a treatment and action plan for any issue you may have.

60 or 90 mins


Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation: The First Step Towards Evolution

At our practice, we offer an initial consultation that’s not just about discussing a treatment plan; it’s your first step towards unlocking the potential for positive change. This session can last either 60 minutes or 90 minutes, including a trial hypnosis experience.

Think of your unconscious mind as a garden—a sacred space given to you at birth. As you journey through life, your parents, siblings, teachers, and friends all plant seeds in this garden. Some flourish into beautiful, fruitful plants, while others sprout into invasive weeds, threatening to overshadow the garden’s natural beauty. I’m here as your dedicated gardener, committed to helping you locate and remove those weeds.

During our session, we’ll dive deep to uncover your desires, goals, and the outcomes you long for. Together, we’ll chart a path for future sessions. This is your opportunity to share your background, and we’ll explore the root causes of your need for therapy. If you opt for the extended 90-minute session, you’ll also experience a captivating 15-minute trial hypnosis session—a glimpse into the incredible power and potential of this transformative therapy.

Spiritual Evolution is the transformation from a simple form, dominated by how you behave into a multi faceted higher consciousness dominated by the Divine.

Your initial consultation is where your journey towards growth, healing, and empowerment begins.

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60 mins, 90 mins


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