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Welcome to your Hamilton Anxiety Score Quiz!

Anxiety can truly be debilitating and impact one's life.  I have many clients suffering from anxiety.  This short quiz may give you some insight as to how anxiety may be impacting your life and quality of life.  Answer the questions as honestly as possible.  It is a simple yes or no quiz.

We will email you your results and give you an option to book with me.

So choose whether the question is relevant to your situation by either choosing yes or no.


Do you ever fear or stress the about your future?

Do you anticipate the worst outcome?

Are you often irritable or have nervous energy?

Do you often have feelings of tension, including headaches or body aches

Do you experience feeling excessively tired or fatigued

Are you easily startled?

Are you easily moved to tears?

Do you often experience feelings of restlessness?

Do you often fear of the dark/strangers/groups/animals/social situations

Do you ever have a fear of being left alone?

Do you ever suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, nightmares/terrors?

Do you have difficulty concentrating or have poor memory?

Do you often experience a loss of interest in life, relationships or hobbies?

Do you ever experience panic attacks, mood swings, irrational behaviour or angry outburst?

Do you ever grind teeth or clench your jaw?

Have you ever experience tachycardia (increased heart rate ±100 bpm or more)?

Any experience of chest pain, tightness in the chest or breathing difficulties?

Have you ever suffered from digestive or abdominal issues like nausea, stomach cramps, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?

Any instances of genitourinary symptoms, low fertility, low sex drive, loss of libido, impotence?

Do you often suffer from feeling anxious or having a sense of dread and hopelessness?

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