Meditation Videos

Wake Up Happy Meditation - laying down

Do this meditation first thing in the morning when you awake. Stay in bed, close your eyes and listen to your body waking up in a happy and positive way. This short 5 min is the perfect way to start your day. Please check out my other meditations on the channel.

5 Min wake up peaceful meditation

When you are short on time, do this quick 5 min meditation immediately upon awakening for a peaceful and positive start to your day. Do it every day to feel the wonderful benefits of being mindful and relaxed instead of stressed and rushed, when you set off into your day. Meditation and Mindfulness has many wonderful benefits. It may lower stress hormones, aid sleep, help you cope with anxiety or depression and may assist in managing your emotions more effectively.

Wake up happy meditation seated

This quick, 5 minute seated meditation is the perfect way to ease into your day in a positive way. Do it first thing upon waking. This meditation is done seated, either on a chair or with crossed legs. I have another meditation for laying down on my channel.

5 Min wake up grateful meditation

For anyone short on time. Do this quick 5 minute gratefulness meditation as often as you like to activate high vibrational energy. We all have something to be grateful for. I hope you enjoy!

5 Min meditation - sweet dreams

This lovely 5 min Sweet Dreams meditation is perfect for sending you off to a peaceful sleep. 5Mins of meditation and 5 mins of relaxing music to lull you to a restful and restorative sleep. Deep relaxation before bed has been proven to aid sleep. Practise every night and sleep like a baby.