Wealth Activator



Wealth Activator

Become a Money Magnet with this easy to follow wealth activator!  Most of our limiting beliefs about money, block our ability to behave in ways where we are open to receiving wealth and abundance.  We may have beliefs like, “Money is hard to find”, “Being wealthy will change who I am”, “Wanting money is greedy/not spiritual/religious”, “You have to work hard to have money”, “I never have enough money”, etc.

Where do you think these beliefs are born and “live”?  Well, it is inside your subconscious mind.  Scientific studies now show us that hypnosis is effective in rewiring our brain. Hypnosis allows you to access these beliefs and rewire them.  Through repetitive new beliefs, you can create new, more powerful and positive neural pathways that become your go-to beliefs.

Use this hypnosis meditation on a regular basis until you create ands see the results in your own life.  The more you use this therapy the better the results.  Repetition is key for forming new neural pathways (myelination).

Listen to a sample of the hypnosis here:


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