Sound Soul Therapy



Sound Soul Therapy – Ultimate Soul Pampering with vibrational and cacao healing

Sometimes you just need to have a deeply relaxing, de-stressing and healing session. Nothing to learn or do. Just to enjoy some soul pampering.

We begin with soothing music and vibrational therapy using the Ohm 136.1Hz tuning fork. The Tuning Forks resonate and vibrate connecting and supporting the body’s natural frequencies. The sound waves vibrate and travel deeply into the body tissue and along energy pathways affecting our sense of well-being while relieve pain and tension.

A meditation to integrate the vibrational healing follows the sound therapy.

During your nurturing guidance from your Angel or Ascended Master card reading, you will enjoy a warming cup of heart healing cacao to soothe your soul. Delicious cacao stimulates dopamine and serotonin levels for the ultimate uplifting and feel-good experience.

90 min session


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