PET – Priority Emergency Therapy

Unlock the power of PET (Priority Emergency Therapy) – your go-to support when you need it urgently. Picture this: send your questions or concerns via WhatsApp, and within 2-6 hours, receive a personalised video or voice response. It’s not just assistance; it’s a pledge to stand by you during after-hours, weekends, and holidays – precisely when you need us most. Life doesn’t adhere to office hours, but with PET, your support system does. Rest assured, our responses are tailored for quick and effective help, available between 08:00-20:00. Here’s the magic: you purchase credit minutes, and we calculate it based on the time it takes to read or listen to your text, including my response time. PET isn’t just a feature; it’s your guarantee of assistance exactly when you need it. Make it an integral part of your journey. Because in crucial moments, PET is your difference-maker. Feel the impact – explore PET on our website product page today. Your peace of mind is just a message away.

How it works:

Step 1:  Buy credits online in my Shop – PET Step 2:  WhatsApp me with your question in writing or by voice note clearly stating it’s a PET message (credits calculated on time used to listen, read and reply) Step 3:  Get a personalised response within 2-6 hours of receiving your WhatsApp. What a client has said:
“Hi Nadya, thanks so much for the PET!  Sometimes theres just some stuff you need to get off your chest immediately before you move forward with the your day… this helps me do that! I can also think a little clearer because I have to prioritise what’s important and what’s bothering me NOW, because the time span is shorter.  So no suppressing and no brooding! Thank you xxx”
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WhatsApp Direct Link to send messages: