Online consultation with Nadya


We have a consultation online to discuss a treatment and action plan for any issue you may have. Various time slots.

Session are 15, 30 and 60 mins


Online consultation with Nadya

Imagine your unconscious mind is like a garden.  When you were born, you were given a fertile plot of land.  As you grew up, your parents, siblings, teachers, friends and the like planted seeds into your garden.  Some of these seeds grew into beautiful plants and trees, bearing wonderful fruits and blossoms.  But some of these seeds have grown into weeds.  Weeds that take over your garden and destroy its beauty.  I am the gardener helping you find and uproot these weeds.

During the session we will uncover what you want to achieve, your goal or wanted outcome.  We also plan what we will be doing in terms of future sessions.  You will get a chance to give your background information, uncover your root cause of why you require therapy and have a 15 min trial session of hypnosis to show you how powerful and amazing this therapy truly is.

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Time Slots

15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins


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