Manifesting Magic eCourse

The moment has arrived to tap into your manifesting powers like never before. It’s time to witness the true magic that lies within you and experience the transformation you’ve been waiting for.

I’m beyond excited to introduce you to “Manifesting Magic” a one-of-a-kind 6-week online ecourse that I believe will revolutionise the way you approach life. This isn’t just an online course – it’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment that’s designed to help you create the reality you desire.

Duration: 6 Weeks (60-90 minutes per session)

Course Description:

In each 60-90-minute session, we’ll combine the magic of hypnotherapy with powerful mindset reframing techniques to help you release limiting beliefs and create new timelines for your life.  Using deep subconscious reprogramming with hypnotherapy you are finally ready to make lasting changes to your mindset and blocks.

Week 1:  Intention

Session Focus:  What do you want? Setting intentions and building awareness.

Content: Introduction to the course, understanding the power of intention, and preparing for your transformation journey.

Week 2:  Beliefs

Session Focus: What are limiting beliefs and how do they affect our ability to create a life we want? Hypnotherapy for releasing limiting beliefs.

Content: Dive deep into your subconscious mind to identify and release limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Week 3:  Abundance and Creation Mindset

Session Focus: What is an Abundant Creator mindset?  Hypnotherapy for abundance and creator mindset.

Content: Discover how to cultivate an abundance mindset to attract prosperity, abundance, and creator into your life. Also, see what neuroscience supports subconscious change on a physiological level.

Week 4:  Timelines

Session Focus: What are timelines and how can you shift to a new, empowering life trajectory?

Content: Explore the concept of timelines and learn to create a new, positive life trajectory aligned with your desires.

Week 5: Manifesting Your Desires

Session Focus: Three elements that block your manifesting super powers. Discover 3 powerful mindset changes that impact the speed of manifestation and creation.

Content: Hypnotherapy to harness the power of your subconscious mind to manifest your deepest desires effectively.

Week 6: Sustaining Your Magic & Integration

Focus:  Integrating all of what you have learned and applied.  Evaluate how your life has already change and been impacted by your powerful shift.

Content: Review your transformation journey, learn techniques to sustain your newfound magic, and set yourself on a path to continued growth.

Course Format:

• Each session will include a combination of guided hypnotherapy for deep subconscious mindset change and practical exercises.

• Participants will have access to course content and recordings for further reflection and practice between sessions.


By the end of this 6-week Manifesting Magic Transformation Course, you’ll have the tools and mindset to manifest your desires, release limiting beliefs, and create a new, empowering life trajectory. I am excited to create this magical journey and unlock your full potential.

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