What is hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy using deep breathing techniques to bypass the conscious mind and access the unconscious mind.  We store all our memories, beliefs, habitual patterns and everything about ourselves in the unconscious.  

Most of our every day issues arise from our thinking.  The way we perceive our environment, relationships and ourselves is based on what we have stored in the unconscious.  So when we are struggling with repetitive behaviour, relentless patterns, bad habits and belief systems that inhibit us or our growth, it is in the unconscious where we can find the answer in order for us to change.


Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy that uses deep breathing techniques (something all of us can do). In fact using your breath is the most natural thing to do.  The therapy is powerful yet gentle and with no side effects it is the therapy of the future. Change how you think and you change how you behave.

In Europe Hypnotherapy has been used extensively as a therapy for depression and anxiety, but also in pain relief.  Many studies have found it hugely successful and beneficial.  You can read more about the efficacy of Hypnotherapy with leukaemia patients here and here.  In this study they used Hypnotherapy during bone marrow aspiration in children with leukaemia.  The results were profound.  Not only did the children heal faster, but they also need less pain medication compared to the group that had no Hypnotherapy.  Even Cancer Research UK recommend Hypnotherapy for cancer patients see link.

With such incredible results it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to this wonderful therapy for help.

Further scientific research on hypnosis to help inform you:

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So start your hypnotherapy journey today.

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