The Monthly Enlightenment Gatherings are lovingly curated themed experiences, weaving together wisdom, connection, and spiritual enrichment.

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Each month brings forth a distinct theme, blending masterclasses, ceremonies, and workshops tailored to that specific facet of enlightenment. These gatherings serve as a monthly pilgrimage for individuals seeking continuous growth, fostering a sense of community on their spiritual journey.

The value lies in the dynamic exploration of diverse topics, the regularity of connection with like-minded souls, and the opportunity to weave a comprehensive tapestry of personal development throughout the year.

Join me in these monthly gatherings, where enlightenment becomes an unfolding narrative, revealing new dimensions of self-discovery and connection every month.

  • 8 March – Spiritual Superpowers: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as you uncover your spiritual superpowers, finding the hero within.


  • 26 April – Awakening Spirit: Experience profound renewal and spiritual awakening in our virtual masterclass, Awakening Spirit.


  • 24 May – Autumn Grounding: Indulge in a grounding experience of autumnal bliss through our tea celebration and immersive sound bath session.


  • 21 June – Winter Wisdom: Embark on a journey of self-reflection and explore the depths of our shadow side in our Winter Wisdom virtual masterclass.


  • 5 July – Celestial Alignment: Experience the expansion of cosmic connections through our Celestial Alignment session.


  • 23 August – Winter Solace: Delve into the tranquility and inner peace of the Winter Solace virtual masterclass.


  • 20 September – Spring Renewal: Spring Renewal brings forth a rejuvenating opportunity for growth and the emergence of a new spirit.


  • 18 October – Blossoming Souls: Nurture yourself and plant seeds of love in our Blossoming Souls virtual masterclass.


  • 1 November – Gratitude & Harvesting: Join us for a soulful Gratitude Harvesting gathering, where we reap the blessings of the year with heartfelt appreciation.


  • 6 December – Summer Solstice Closing: Celebrate the end of summer with gratitude and reverence at our Summer Solstice Closing event.

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