8 Session Treatment Plan


The 8 session treatment plan is ultimate plan to achieve results and get what you desires. Book your sessions today! Get the life you want.

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The 8 session treatment plan is ultimate plan to achieve results and get what you desires.  After having an initial consultation we would put together an action plan to getting you the results you want.

Session 1: 

What do you want?  This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself.  Set intentions and goals for living your masterpiece.

Session 2:

Creating your ultimate vision.  Learn how to create the life you want through visualisation, dream boards and journaling or daily diary.  This is where powerful manifestations happens.

Sessions 3:

What can I do?  We put into action a plan that will powerfully get you to where you want to be and how to achieve your goal. Get clear on what actions you need to take, set time frames.

Session 4:

Integrity to your word.  Discover why you procrastinate and how to overcome self-sabotage.

Session 5:

What are your limiting beliefs?  Uncover your story…

Session 6:

Iceberg exercise helps you uncover your true purpose in life.  Realign with your deeper meaning and connection with life.

Session 7:

Time to reprogram your unconscious mind with all your new beliefs and goals! Get ready to fly…

Session 8:

Getting complete.  The final session align you for ultimate success and keeping your vision alive with your action plan and Q&A session.  A beautiful session that brings everything you have experienced all together with a special secret treat!


Sessions valid for 3 months only!

Or optional Payment plan:

3  x R3500 payments  (By session 1, 3 and 7)


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