4 x Combo Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy



4 x Combo Life Coaching and Hypnosis

This treatment plan has a combination of 2 x 60 min life coaching sessions and 2 x 90 min hypnosis sessions.  This is a great start to get the results you want.

After your initial consultation we would put together an action plan to getting you the results you want.  Using a synergy of life coaching and hypnosis we unlock your full potential and remove any limiting beliefs.

Session 1 Life coaching: 

What do you want?  This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself.  Set intentions and goals for living your masterpiece.

Session 2 Hypnotherapy:

Reprogram you for success and keeping your vision, action plan and future in alignment.  Working with all subconscious conditioning, beliefs and patterns.

Sessions 3 Life coaching:

What can I do?  We put into action a plan that will powerfully get you to where you want to be and how to achieve your goal. This is where you take action towards getting what you want.

Session 4 Hypnotherapy:

Discovery your most powerful tool to manifest what you want and create a life you deserve.


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